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Some like it sour

18 May

In the following please find a recipe for a refreshing dish, especially delicious in the summer / during hot seasons, sour meat. This dish came actually back to my mind when I was staying in Dongguan where I used to visit a German snack bar that belonged to a friend of mine (cheers Andre). He used to serve beers, sausage and other German specialties. In the northern part of Germany, where my friend comes from, this dish is called Saurfleisch (sourmeat), in the southern regions of Germany where I come from; we call it Tellersuelze (aspic in a plate). According to the tales of my mom, this dish was masterfully prepared by my grandmother, apparently she was so good at it that all the friends of my grandpa used to come around when she made it. This is also the reason why, when I had this dish, alongside with a cold beer, the taste came back to my memory and I decided that I had to try and make this dish again. It is not that difficult to make, basically it is nothing else then a very tasty delicious cold meat dish. So here is the recipe for you.

For the meat dish
•    For the meat and the broth
•    1 liter of salt water
•    500 g pork (shoulder of stomach)
•    1 onion
•    1 bundle of greens
•    1 bay leave
•    125 ml vinegar
•    1 package of gelatin
•    3 – 4 whole black pepper corns
For the garnish
•    Sliced hardboiled egg
•    Sliced carrots
•    Onion rings
•    Pickled gherkin slices

Cook the salt water, wash the pork and add it to the water, get the foam from top of the water. Add the onion that you cut in quarters, add the bay leaves, the pepper corns and the greens and cook everything for 90 minutes. After this take out the meat from the broth, run the broth through a sieve and catch the liquid in a bowl. Take 375 ml of the liquid, add the vinegar, season to taste with sugar and salt. After this add the gelatin powder, bring the liquid to a boil and switch off the fire as soon as the mixture boils lightly.
Now you can let the mixture cool down and you can start to make the final dish in individual bowls, plates or in a cake forms (this is what I did so I will describe it based on what I did). I first pulled apart the meat and put it in a cake tray (leave everything light and fluffy, don’t press the meat to hard or try to compress it). Now, on top of that meat, I added the slightly cooked onion rings, the sliced gherkins and some sliced carrots (you can try other veggies if you like to, the more colorful and suit to your taste, the better for your taste). Put everything in the tray and store the tray in a fridge. Let everything cool down until it all turns hard, then slide a knife between the side of the cake tray and the sour meat so that the meat will be separated from the side cake tray. Now you put the tray upside down and carefully shake the whole meat “cake” on a board on which you can now slice some portions off.
The best way to enjoy this dish is alongside with some German style fried potatoes and some homemade mayonnaise (guess I will post these recipes soon). Here some pictures of my last “small” portion of sour meat… Enjoy.


Chilli con carne – caramba

19 Apr

Chili, maybe among my top ten of favorite dishes. Easy to make, great flavors getting better the longer you keep it. Actually the very best is to eat it only a day after you first made it, the flavors will really have developed so much more in the dish, you won’t stop eating it But make no mistake, this dish is not for the fainthearted. It only is really good if it’s hot and spicy. So don’t go too easy on the hot stuff in this dish (I usually take 4 or 5 fresh small red chills, the hot ones)

Actually, I always make a HUGE pot full of it, it lasts us at least a few days after i made some. The only downturn, once the pot is empty, you want to go immediately about making another one :). Ay caramba, a nice chili with a cold beer from the fridge, it’s the cheapskate version of a trip to Mexico indeed. There is no one source original recipe for the chili con carne, but without doubt it is made out of beef cubes or chopped beef instead of minced meat. I am too lazy bum to stroll around for some good beef, but I always have some stock of minced (mixed) meat in the fridge so I will use that instead, tastes just as nice I tell ya.

Chilli con carne


500g minced meat, 3 big onions, 500 g. tomatoes (the ones from the tin, the pizza ones, got just more flavor), 500 g. kidney beans, 1 tin of corn, 3 bell peppers (red would be best for the color  but green / yellow works just as fine) – diced, some oil, cayenne pepper, 3 dice (I do not have a press but if you have one, press it rather then dicing it) garlic cloves, chili powder / 3- 5 fresh diced chills, 500 ml beefstock 1 tea spoon of paprika powder, cumming, salt and pepper to season

how to make it?

Put oil in a stock pot or a fire proof casserole and heat it up. Add diced onions, diced bell pepper and the garlic and simmer everything till its starting to get soft, now the casserole should be pretty hot already. Then you add the meat and cook everything on high heat until the meat lost all its juices and starts to get a bit brown. Add the stock, and everything else, exept the pepper and salt. Now cover your casserole and let the whole thing simmer for about 90 – 120 minutes on low heat. Don’t forget to season to taste before serving. Again, i cook it a day before I actually eat it, all the flavors will mix nicely and the hotness will get into every piece of the chili.

Best served with rice or even pure with a few pieces of bread… Enjoy