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Honorary mention – real chinese street food

1 Jun

Asia is undeniably the birthplace of street food. In Europe we are not used to this kind of eating culture but I quickly got used to it. How convenient is it to just go downstairs and get yourself a bowl of fresh made noodles for the equivalent of 50 cents? So today I will introduce my favorite Chinese street food, the lanzhou style noodles, lanzhou lamian (translated to something like “pulled noodle” lanzhou style).

Here we see the cook working the dough, which is worked with aggressively. It is pulled in straight, quick, tugs with no twisting or waving. The cook will slam the dough against their prep boards to ensure even stretching and uniform thickness. While he will pull the dough and fold it over and over, he finally will start splitting the dough when he pulls it apart. The dough will get thinner and thinner and finally he will end up with something like spaghetti sized noodles. You can order your lamian in a bowl of soup or you can get them fried with beef or vegetables. All that for the price of below one USD.

Most lamian shops are run by Chinese Muslims so this street treat works perfect for a Hallal treat on the road side. Enjoy…