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15 Apr

The roux, or “Mehlschwitze” how we call it, is a way to thicken sauces that my Aunt has been teaching me in my youth, while I was watching her cooking all those delicious swabian recipes Boy she was a cook like you will not find another one any more these days. Her cakes and pies, homemade noodles, cookies and deserts will be missed dearly. Anyhow, this is the recipe to make roux, its quick and easy and a good way to thicken sauces when cooking. All you need is:

2 table spoons of butter, 2 table spoons of flour

Melt the butter, add the flour and stir with constantly, with a roux its advisable never to stop steering. Now you let everything fry until its “burns” to a slight chocolate brown color, but it cannot burn for real of course. Then you add the stock that you would like to turn into a viscid sauce spoon by spoon to the roux and continue to stir constantly. You will see how the liquids will mix with the roux and turn into something like a mash. That is the sign to add another spoon of liquid until everything slowly turns into a viscid sauce. Don’t add too much liquid and never forget the steering to avoid the formation of clumps.